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Brett HACK /ブレット ハック

My name is Brett. I'm from California in the USA. I've been in Japan for many years, but I keep in touch with my home culture through movies, comedy, the news, and of course social media. I've also visited a few other countries : Mexico, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. I like reading of all kinds, from comics to old novels to political theory. I'm on the internet a lot too. I exercise a lot, but I eat a lot, so it cancels out. I go hiking in the mountains when I can.I study popular culture and globalization, so I like to put those topics into my classes. I hope my students can have a fun time learning about the world while improving their English. I'm also in charge of planning cultural events at iCoToBa. I always need help with that, so if you have an idea let me know! Let's meet sometime soon!